Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why Do We Hate on Carnations???

Time and again, we hear a client say, "Oh, and I hate carnations, so please refrain from putting any in my arrangement." For one reason and another, carnations have developed a bad reputation with flower lovers. Why? We're not sure, but let us introduce you to perhaps sides of carnations you haven't had the pleasure of discovering yet.

Some of the reasons why we love carnations:
- They come in a wide range of colors! Some more natural than others, carnations can come in red, orange, and yellow but they can also come in blue, green, and purple! This makes carnations very versatile! You can even have fun with your own spray cans at home with white carnations!
- No part of the carnation goes to waste! Here at the boutique, we use both the flower and the stems in our modern creations. They are very useful in creating interesting designs and patterns in our work. See pictures above!

- They are affordable! This allows them to be enjoyed by everyone and also allows us to use more stems in our creations!

- They are suitable for all occasions! From wedding flowers to sympathy arrangements, carnations can be used for pretty much any occasion.

- They last a long time! As long as you take care of them by changing the water, feeding them flower food, and providing them a nice climate, carnations can last more than 2 whole months!

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