Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eco Pots Have Arrived!

In an effort to be more green, Petals & Paper is now carrying eco pots! What are eco pots you ask? Eco pots are made from natural grain husks, bamboo powder, rapeseed fiber, corn cob and natural binding agents. It is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, ceramic pots, and glasswares. They are heat-resistant, waterproof, high strength, non-flammable, and non-toxic -- all great qualities to have for those families with children and pets. Eco pots are durable outdoors and longer indoors for up to 5 years. The drainage holes in these pots are pre-pressed, so they can either be used as a table vase or a flower planter (the holes can be hammered down easily). These pots can naturally biodegrade into organic fertilizer in landfills after they are discarded or buried in the soil. The degradation period takes one year for all the styles we carry currently. Buying eco-friendly pots is a considerate choice -- a simple green solution for the earth and future generations.

Join us in this effort to take a small green step towards a more sustainable living environment and ask to have your next floral design created using an eco pot!

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