Monday, May 9, 2011

Attention, DIYers!

Did you know that you can order loose stems and vessels from Petals and Paper? With the increasing trend to DIY your own flowers for special events such as birthday parties and showers, you can order fresh cut stems of flowers, greens, and even tropicals. We also carry containers of all kinds -- glass, ceramic, wooden, and more! You may also purchase supplies a la carte such as wet foam, wire, floral tape, ribbons, flower food, and pruners! Better yet, when you purchase all your loose stems and containers from us, you may use the space in the boutique to create your designs!

Here are some helpful suggestions for you to consider when ordering loose stems:
- Always order at least two weeks in advance for best selections and prices.
- Order a little bit more than you need just in case you need more than you estimated or you happen to break a stem or two on your way home.
- Keep in mind that (generally) bigger the vessel or mouth of the container, the more flowers you will need.
- Order a variety of flowers and greens in complementary colors for interesting textures and compositions.
- Most loose stems come in bunches (usually 10 stems) with the exception of roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas, and other novelty flowers.
- Most containers, unless they are very large, come in cases -- usually in 6, 12, or 24.
- Have fun with your DIY project! Try using flowers you've never experienced before. Ask us about flowers that are in season but also ask about rare flowers that are available but hardly seen on a regular basis.
- Try to do a test run a week before the actual day of the event. What we envision in our heads does not always manifest itself in real life. Ask us for help!

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