Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some of the "Paper" Services We Offer

Many people ask us what the word "Paper" stands for in our name. Well? The short answer is anything and everything related to paper. The long answer also is anything and everything related to paper! At Petals and Paper, we not only design beautiful paper products such as wedding invitations, birth announcements, and bar/bat mitzvah invitations, but we also print, assemble, address, and mail as well! Here are some tidbits of what we do on a daily basis:

- We can design anything from scratch or from inspirations you bring to us.
- Designs can be as simple and elegant as monograms or elaborate and intricate as...well, you name it!
- If you've designed something yourself or bought a design from an online source, we can format it the way it needs to be so that they can be printed -- by us or by you at home!

- We can package your invitations beautifully with elegant envelopes, pocket folds, belly bands, and so much more!
- We'll discuss the best options for your ideas and budget so that you invitations make the best impressions with your recipients!

- We'll address your invitations however you'd like so you can save time!
- We'll print mailing labels from a white range of sizes and colors and affix them too!
- There truly is nothing like pen and ink calligraphy to add that beautiful finishing touch!
- Digital calligraphy is also available for those looking for a beautiful touch without the cost of pen and ink calligraphy.

- We'll mail your invitations however you'd like! You can either provide us with your personalized stamps or we can purchase them for you. Mailing your invitations is always free with every invitation order!

Do-It-Yourself Clients
- For those of you who like to take charge and create your own invitations, the following are resources we have available for you:
-- Purchase your papers, envelopes, pocket folds in bulk.
-- Have us design your invitations so you can print them wherever you'd like!
-- Design your own invitations and have us print and cut them!

Call us today to learn about how we can save you time and money when it comes to ordering your cards and invitations! 267-392-5763

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