Thursday, February 3, 2011

91% of Men Give Flowers to Their Loved Ones on Valentine's Day!

A recent survey conducted by Luth Research shows that 91% of men who give flowers to their significant other on Valentine's Day do so to show their love to that special someone in their lives, most with no other motives or strings attached. More than 75% of men have given flowers for Valentine's Day in the past two years. Of those men giving flowers to their significant other, nine in ten primarily intend to express their love (91%), while 26% said they give flowers to avoid disappointing the person, and 16% said to avoid being in the dog house. Other findings from the study reveal that two-thirds of men purchasing flowers for Valentine's Day do so to send flowers to their significant other, and a third of men do so to send flowers to their mothers. (Awww, so sweet!) Additionally, besides choosing which flowers to buy, writing the card message to go with the flowers is the process that men spend the most time on – 60% and 15% respectively.

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