Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Save Money on Future Valentine's Day Flowers

Everyone likes to save a little money here and there and we thought we'd share some insight on how you can save some money and time on future Valentine's Day flowers!

Order your flowers early!
Ordering your flowers early allows florists to be prepared ahead of the big day by not only making sure flowers for your order will be available but that they will be available for pick up and/or delivery at times that are convenient for you! Most florists reserve their flowers way in advance of the holiday, thus allowing them to purchase a larger selection of flowers at better prices than they would if they were getting their flowers at the last minute. Hence, most florists are willing to give you a discount if you order in advance!

Try something different!
Red roses are in highest demand during the Valentine's Day weekend. Florists usually acquire flowers at higher costs during this time and red roses are often acquired at 500-700% above the average cost. It's a simple supply and demand situation. To save money and be creative, why not gift flowers such as gerber daisies or tulips or calla lilies? We recommend that you call your local florist a week in advance and ask about their specials. They are sure to lead you in the right direction!

Pick up your flowers!
As you can only imagine, delivery schedules are hectic during this period -- especially on Valentine's Day! Florists charge anywhere from $12-20 for deliveries, so why not order your flowers in advance and pick them up? Florists usually have extended hours during the holiday so make sure you call ahead and know their hours!

Celebrate early or after Valentine's Day!
If you are away for the actual holiday, why not celebrate early or after the holiday? Florists are less busy leading up to the holiday or days after the holiday. You might not have the best selections after the holiday, but you are sure to get better deals than on the actual day!

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