Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Perfect Day for Pampering in Yardley

On such a gloomy, muggy day like this, may we suggest spending a day in Yardley Borough?
- Start off with a morning stroll to Starbucks and try their new toffee mocha latte.
- Just steps away from Starbucks, pamper yourself to serenity at Face and Body Spa. They always have specials going on at the spa, and everyone from the staff to the owner treats you like you belong there!
- Grab a quick lunch at Yardley Pizza where they have more than just pizza (though their pizza is very good and only a $1 a slice on Tuesdays!)
- Next, treat yourself to a beautiful floral arrangement from Petals and Paper located right next to Yardley Pizza. Grab a box of premium loose leaf tea or two for you to take home so you can relax some more on your favorite chair, sipping our delicious cup of tea!
- Repeat as necessary!

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