Friday, September 17, 2010

What a fun-filled Friday!

Wow, was it busy in the boutique today! We met so many wonderful Yardleyans who came into the boutique to share stories about themselves and the town...oh and picked up a card or two or bouquets of flowers. We had a chance to share our own stories with someone special today. Petra, a reporter from Yardley News, stopped by our boutique today to interview us and learn more about our new store on Main Street. How fun it was to chat with her! She brought her voice recorder along with a minicam. After a busy day at the boutique, we're not sure how camera ready we were, nonetheless it was fun to talk about our boutique with Petra and we look forward to reading the article coming out in a couple of weeks. We'll share it with all of you when it comes out! Stay tuned!

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